Fun with tattoos

Check out this blog and experience how individuals are getting inked with permanent tattoos which actually look like watercolor art on their body. In this section you will find amazing floral patterns drawn on various parts of the human body. These pieces of art work exhibit a wide range of color combination and look temporary. The thing which should be noticed here is that all of them are done with tremendous amount of excellence and the synthetic and artificial touch which a normal tattoo have is erased. The positioning of the art and the choice of color is indeed noteworthy out here.
More info: | instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

“The flower tattoo on feet symbolises something new and fresh here, in Korea,” said Silo

“This girl had a rough life, so I designed these flowers wishing her new and happy start”

“Tattoo culture is a little different in Korea”

“There were times when it was illegal, so I went to Australia and Thailand to learn about tattoo art”

“Once back I wanted to learn more by myself”

“I think that learning never actually stops and even now, 10 ears after, I still learn something new every day”